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following are a few testimonials of Aggarwal Dental Implant Centre

Dr. Titty Mathew

Dr. Titty Mathew

Dr. Titty Mathew joined ADIC in December 2007 .He completed his B D S from KLE Society’s Dental College, Belgam, Karnataka, India in 1989 and M D S in Periodontics from MRDC & Hospital, Annamalai, Tamilnadu, India in 1999.He is Presently working as Reader in Department of Periodontics, Peoples college of Dental Sciences, Bhopal, an institution of Post-Graduate Dental Education He completed his quota of 4 two stage implants and 4 mini implants and loaded it. All the implants were successful . He completed his training at Adic on June 30th 2008

Dr Sunayana

Dr. Sunayana

Dr Sunayana completed her B.D.S from B.J.S Dental college in 2006 . She joined ADIC in June 2007 and completed her Implant training at ADIC on 30th June 2008. During her training she assisted around many implant surgeries and loadings. All the two stage and single stage implants done by her are successfully loaded.

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Dr Parminder Pal Singh

Dr. Parminder Pal Singh

Dr Parminder Pal Singh graduated in 1998 from college of Dental Sciences Davanagere. He did his M.D.S in conservative dentistry and endodontics in year 2005.He is presently working as reader in BJS Dental college Ludhiana . He came to know about ADIC from his students who have done implant training here . He feels implantology is an important requirement in restorative dentistry and an upcoming branch which every Dentist need to learn and practice. He has joined Adic in June 2008 and is undergoing Implant training

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Dr Varinder Chopra

Dr. Varinder Chopra

Dr Varinder Chopra graduated from Pb. Govt. Dental College and Hospital Amritsar in Year 1982 and has been in private practice since then . He joined ADIC in June 2008 and is presently undergoing Dental Implant training .

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Chopra Dental Clinic
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Dr Ashok Anand

Dr Ashok Anand

Dr Ashok Anand is in private Dental Practice at Kapurthala for last 30 years . He successfully completed the ADIC practical program in February 2007. All the implants done by him were successful and patient returned happy and satisfied. He has started doing implants in his practice and so far has done 4 regular + 4 MIB during ADIC program and 4 regular +12 MIB in his clinic later on

Testimonial : I was the first candidate at ADIC. I had a keen interest in Dental Implants and I knew Dr. Viney Aggarwal since his college days . He used to come to my clinic to learn the art of private practice during and after his graduation. I was confident of his abilities as a good clinician.

When I started taking lessons from him he proved to be a very good teacher who will teach in technical and local language . He will be tough at times but I knew he sincerely wants me to learn implants. The roles were reversed. Previously I was the teacher and he a student, Now I am his student. I love this role reversal and am proud to say so.

It has been 5 months since I completed my course . I feel so confident to talk to my patients. Previously every patient who wanted a tooth replacement used to quiz me if I do implants. I did not have an answer. Now when I tell them “Yes It is possible at my clinic and I myself do it”. Half of them take a backseat, some settle for bridges and quite a few seems interested in Implants. No doubt only one out of 100 agree but still it is very satisfying as it adds value to my practice.

Whenever I have a doubt in planning and doing a case Dr Viney Aggarwal helps me , even after my course completion. I am confident that his guidance will continue for all time to come.

If you have any query about ADIC training program please feel free to contact me

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Dr Ashok Anand
Anand Hospital and Dental Clinic
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Dr Samir Nayyar

Dr Samir Nayyar

Dr Samir Nayyar appeared for his B.D.S final prof in June 2006. he is presently doing his internship at B.J.S Dental college Ludhiana . He will be completing his internship in June 30th 2007 but completed his practical Implant training at ADIC just before that. He inserted 4 MIB implants and 4 regular implants and all the implants were successful.

Testimonial : Dental Implantology is the most upcoming field in dentistry. Without complete knowledge it would not be wise to start practice. Dr. Viney Aggarwal, a renowned Dentist in our city, is a very nice person both in profession as well as in society.

He is up to date with the latest technology, technological breakthroughs, and newest procedures of dental implants.

Keeping up with the latest trends means keeping the most options open for the patient.

It was really very easy to work with him and I learned a lot under his guidance. He gives more stress on practical training that makes easy to learn and understand. I assisted him in all his implant and maxillofacial surgeries which increased my understanding of anatomy of maxillofacial region.

He solved all of my queries i’d during and after the surgery in detail and clearly I am sure Implant Training Course at ADIC will be useful to everyone who is contemplating learning dental implants.

Now the best part , I completed my implant training before I complete my internship and start my private practice. I already have a job offer all because of my training at ADIC , which I will accept and side by side start private practice Thank you Dr. Viney Aggarwal for helping me become a better Dentist and have a better outlook”

If you want any advice about ADIC Program please feel free to contact me

My Address 
Dr Samir Nayyer 
Mob: +91 9417307809

Dr Rashim Sablok

Dr Rashim Sablok

Dr Rashim Sablok is a busy Dentist at Kapurthala for the last 7 years. She joined ADIC in July 2007 and has successfully completed her Implant training in Feb. 2008. She completed 8 implants during her training and assisted in more than 20 implant surgeries. Even during her training at ADIC she started doing implants in her practice and so far has done 40 implants in her practice.

Testimonial : My Dental Implant learning experience at ADIC is un-fathomable. I was totally ignorant about Dental Implants when I started my Implant training with Dr Viney Aggarwal. But Now I do Dental Implants quite often in my Daily Dental Practice. Not only It added a new possibility that I can offer to my patients , I have improved a lot in my approach towards General Dental Practice.

I would recommend each one of you to avail of this opportunity that is available at an affordable price and is easily accessible.

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Dr Rashim Sablok :9815008850 Dr Sanjay Sablok :9872407793

Dr Davinder Soni & Dr Rohini Soni

Dr Davinder Soni & Dr Rohini Soni

Dr Davinder Soni Completed his BDS from Patna in 2005 and his wife Dr Rohini Soni completed her BDS from Dashmesh Dental College Faridkot in the same year. They both are practicing with their Father at Ludhiana who has a 35 years old practice at Lalton , on Pakhowal road Ludhiana. Both of them joined ADIC together in July 2007 and completed their Implant training in Feb. 2008 . They have so far done 8 implants during their training and 8 in their private practice .

Testimonial : Dental practice without implants is incomplete in today’s scenario. Since we has an old and very busy general Dental practice we wanted to add Implants . We wanted the best centre and teacher near to our place so that we do not have to travel far and leave our practice. So we find ADIC and Dr Viney Aggarwal fit well in our quest.

Dr Viney Aggarwal stresses more on practical training along with theory. He makes his lesson so simple and clear that implantology has become very easy for us . With his vast experience in Dental Implants he has trained us to handle most implant cases with ease. Now we feel confindent in doing any implant case independently at our clinic .

Monthly seminars at ADIC are very useful which keep us updated with latest techniques in Dental Implants. Dr viney Aggarwal is always approachable even after our training. We always discuss each and every case with him . We have learnt a lot from him and feel he is one of the best teachers in the field

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Dr Davinder Soni : 9815078617 Dr Rohini Soni : 98728-22177

Dr Atamjot Singh Lali

Dr Atomjot Singh Lali

Dr Atamjot Singh Lali completed his BDS from Hasan (Karnataka ) in 1999 . He has been in Dental implant practice at Adampur Doaba for the last 8 years. He completed his Dental Implant training from ADIC in Feb 2008. He completed 8 Dental Implants during his training and so far has done 10 in his busy practice at Adampur.

Testimonial : Dental Implant training at ADIC under the guidance of Dr Viney Aggarwal has changed my whole attitude towards Dental practice. Not only I motivate my patients for Dental Implants , I am cutting lesser three unit bridges and refusing extraction of Sound teeth that can be restored endodontically. So I am doing more RCT’s because I can better appreciate the value of a tooth when I look at the effort and cost required to give one fixed tooth to the patient.

Because of my refined approach I am getting more patients who believe in quality dentistry . Now I feel confident to handle any Implant patient with ease and best thing is, I can approach Dr Viney Aggarwal any time ,In case I need to plan an Implant case.

For more details you can call me at : 9463187172



Dr Samir Nayyar, Dr Atamjot Singh Lali, Dr Ashok Anand smiles After receiving certificates from Dr Viney Aggarwal and Dr. K.L .Talwar